Congratulations on your decision to advance your education at 泽维尔大学! Xavier offers more than 40 graduate programs across disciplines including health services administration, 护理, 商业与教育. 我们在格式上的灵活性, 与辛辛那提的顶级公司和我们的65个网络建立了强有力的合作关系,000名泽维尔校友, we give students the tools to be successful and accomplish their goals on their schedule.


泽维尔大学的毕业生担任教师, 管理员, 社会服务机构主管, 教会牧师, 业务经理等. Each of Xavier's graduate degree programs is distinguished by the strength and reputation of the curriculum and the commitment of faculty to the needs of graduate students. 

选择下面的研究生学位课程,了解需要什么, when applications are due and what you need to get started on your application. 

一名学生坐在笔记本电脑后面,对着镜头外的人微笑. 这个学生戴着眼镜,穿着格子衬衫,围着围巾.



五个学生一排坐在一张长桌子前. 照片是他们的个人资料.


Find details about various graduate admissions events and information sessions throughout the year for current and prospective students.

两个学生走在圣. 在达纳大道校园入口处的弗朗西斯·泽维尔路. 秋天到了,树上的叶子开始变绿了.


关于研究生学费和每学分费率的信息, 加上可用的奖学金, 奖助金, 贷款信息和助学金信息.



泽维尔大学是世界各国学生的家园. Learn more about the graduate application process for international graduate students.

一个阳光明媚的夏日,校园Alter Hall的外观. 学生们正走下教学楼旁的伊格纳爵台阶.


Contact the 研究生院办公室 for a personalize tour of 泽维尔大学's campus with an emphasis on the graduate program that interests you.



Each program has its own process to evaluate applications for evidence an applicant will be successful. There are no numerical formulas or absolute score/GPA used when evaluating applications. All of the information submitted is carefully considered to get a clear picture of the applicant as a whole. 过去学院/大学的成绩, test score(s) and letters of recommendation and/or personal statements where required are all taken into consideration.

Send official transcript(s) directly from the college/university for all previous undergraduate and graduate course work (one per institution):

辛辛那提,OH 45207-5131

有关电子成绩单,请发送至 (电子邮件保护)

对于一些项目, a maximum of 6 semester hours (or the equivalent) of graduate work completed at another accredited graduate school prior to initial admission to 泽维尔大学 may be transferred with the permission of the program director and the dean. Coursework that is part of a previously earned graduate degree is not accepted for transfer credit. 只有“A”或“B”的分数(3.00或更高)是可转让的. Decisions regarding transfer credit are made at the time of admission to degree-seeking status.

是的! 选修四科的学生.每学期5学时或以上的学生有资格申请联邦学生贷款. 更多信息请参见财政援助页面.

You must pay or make arrangements to pay for your tuition when you register (unless you register early). 选择包括安排付款计划, deferring payment until a student loan or employer reimbursement comes through, 或者用现金支付, 支票或信用卡. 有关付款选项的更多信息,请参阅财务司页面.

对于大多数程序来说, you do not need to submit a standardized test score if you already hold a graduate degree.

对于某些课程,你可以在课程开始的当天注册. 然而, we recommend registering as early as possible to reduce the chances of your class being full. 秋季学期和夏季学期的注册将于3月底开始, 春季报名从11月下旬开始. 如果这是你在泽维尔大学的第一节课, you may complete an application for non-degree graduate status and register on the same day.

Xavier welcomes students from outside the United States to enroll in its online programs. 然而,一些国家并不正式承认国外的在线学位. This may have implications for enrolling in subsequent degree programs or for securing employment requiring these credentials. It is students’ responsibility to determine whether the online degree will be recognized in their country of residence or in any country in which they plan to work. 另外, students should inquire in their country of residence how the collection of student data may be used and whether they will be subject to additional withholding taxes in addition to the cost of tuition.

尽管申请过程因你选择的专业而异. In general, the following documents are required to complete an application at 泽维尔大学:

  • All international students are strongly encouraged to submit an official third-party course-by-course evaluation of their high school and/or college transcripts from an international credential evaluation service accredited by the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services.
  • International students must pass the TOEFL exam if English is your second language.
  • 国际学生可能有额外的申请要求. 连接 国际招生办公室 欲了解更多信息. 

注:在美国的国际学生.S. cannot enroll in an online degree program to fulfill the legal requirement for an F-1 or J-1 visa.


沙勿略大学校园Alter Hall建筑的鸟瞰图

The 忠诚火枪手奖学金 reduces the graduate tuition rate by 25 percent and is available to all Xavier alumni enrolling as degree-seeking graduate students. The scholarship applies to graduate degree-seeking students for both part-time and full-time enrollment.



俄亥俄州辛辛那提市中心的夜间照片. 建筑物的灯光映照在俄亥俄河上.

俄亥俄州的辛辛那提市被评为最适合大学毕业生的城市.com)和第15名最佳开始职业生涯的地方(WalletHub). 研究生可以利用学分实习, 多家财富500强公司的导师和就业机会, 私营企业, 非营利组织和其他企业.




泽维尔大学的教育不仅仅是典型的学术经历. 借鉴耶稣会天主教的教育模式,强调道德, 责任与服务, students get the support they need to succeed and make a difference in the world. 其结果是一种既鼓舞人心又充满挑战的教育, 它的要求是丰富的.



Call or schedule an appointment with the 研究生入学s Office to get more information about the programs that interest you.

电子邮件: (电子邮件保护)


Title IX is the federal civil rights law that prohibits discrimination based on sex in all federally funded education programs and activities. 遵守宪法第九条, 泽维尔大学 does not discriminate based on sex in any education or activity, 包括入学和就业. 性别歧视包括性骚扰, 性侵犯, 约会暴力, 家庭暴力, 跟踪, 基于怀孕的骚扰或歧视, 育儿, 性取向和/或性别认同. 泽维尔大学不容忍性别歧视. If a student or employee believes they have experienced sex discrimination or has questions about Title IX, please contact Xavier’s Title IX and Interpersonal Violence Response Coordinator Kate Lawson at 332B Gallagher Student Center, 胜利大道3800号, 辛辛那提, OH 45207, 513-745-3046, (电子邮件保护) 或美国国务院负责民权事务的助理国务卿.S. 部门. 马里兰州大街400号,民权办公室教育办公室.,华盛顿特区,20202,800-421-3481, (电子邮件保护). 免费的,保密的宣传和支持,联系Xavier 's 宣传 & 预防协调员 at 513-904-9013.