APA认证的临床心理学博士(临床心理学心理学博士) educates skilled generalists as Health Service *(Clinical) Psychologists who have a solid appreciation of the role of science in all aspects of professional activity. The program provides students with the knowledge and range of skills necessary to provide psychological services in today's changing professional climate. The full time, five-year program includes four academic years and one internship year.

的小组.D. in clinical psychology program is rooted in Xavier's strong commitment to the service of others. Xavier's Clinical Psychology graduates are employed as psychologists in positions such as mental health centers, 法医或惩教机构, 医疗中心, 大学咨询中心和私人诊所. 了解更多关于学生成绩的信息 学生入学、成绩和其他数据.



招生委员会考虑了很多变数. 申请人所提供的全套证书将被考虑. 然而,一个标准上的低站立[e.g., 平均绩点(GPA), 研究生入学考试(GRE)成绩并不自动意味着拒绝, 在一个标准上排名很高也不意味着自动被接受.

The School of Psychology has decided to waive the GRE test for those applicants seeking admission for Fall 2023.

The applicant must possess a bachelor's or master's degree or their equivalent from a regionally accredited institution. The prior academic record must indicate ability and preparation necessary for pursuing graduate studies.

The minimum prerequisite for the program is 18 semester hours of 本科课程 in psychology. 这些课程包括心理学概论, 介绍统计, 心理学研究方法, 还有九个学期的其他高级课程, 本科课程. It is required that applicants have taken an undergraduate course in psychological testing, 但这可以在接受后采取.

最少3个.0在本科和/或研究生课程要求. 学位课程的总GPA和心理学课程的GPA都是评估的.

普通考试部分是所有申请者都必须参加的. Applicants are required to take the GRE subject test if they neither majored nor minored in Psychology. 泽维尔大学的机构代码是1965.

研究经验也被考虑在内. 这可能反映了从收集数据到在参考期刊上发表的任何事情.

此外,工作经验也会被评估. 这可能包括与临床心理学相关的实习和/或工作经验.

三封来自学术/研究来源的信, 除了描述其他类型的经历外,还需要其他类型的经历. It is strongly recommended that a minimum of two of the letters be from an academic resource.

Compatibility of the applicant's interests with those of the faculty is often considered, 但不是接受的必要条件.

申请人的写作能力, 这反映在他们对两项个人陈述的答复中, 发表的研究, 以及他们对面试当天给出的写作提示的反应, 也考虑到吗.

最重要的是, the applicant should demonstrate why they are interested in pursuing graduate study in clinical psychology, 以及为什么他们觉得泽维尔适合做这项研究.



Applicants from foreign countries or those who completed their degree overseas are required to submit transcripts evaluated by World Educational Services, 财务报表, 保证书, 和正式托福成绩. All applicants should see that the School of Psychology receives the following items:

  • 应用在线.
  • 不可退还的35美元.00申请费.
  • One copy of official transcripts from all colleges and universities previously attended. 这包括涉及转学分的学院和大学.
  • 需要三封推荐信.
  • Written statements (Personal Statement and 多样性 Statement) reflecting a commitment to clinical psychology.
  • GRE成绩—基础知识(必需). 泽维尔大学的机构代码是1965.
    (注意: The School of Psychology has decided to waive the GRE test for those applicants seeking admission for Fall 2022.)
  • 填写完整的经济援助申请表(可选).
  • 任何其他可能有助于选择过程的信息(例如, 相关研究及/或工作经验).



  • 评估一:心理测量学和智力测试
  • 评估二:性格
  • 临床精神病理学
  • 行为的认知方面
  • 多样性
  • 高级统计学I和II
  • 计算机统计语言I和II
  • 临床相互作用简介
  • 行为的社会层面


  • 历史 & 哲学问题
  • 专业的问题 & 心理学伦理学


  • 评估三:认知功能
  • 高级研究设计分析I和II
  • 行为的生物和情感方面
  • 干预技术:认知行为疗法
  • 综合寿命心理学I和II
  • 专业发展与实践课程I和II


  • 兴趣领域选修课
  • 选修


  • Intervention Techniques: Dialectical Behavior Therapy and/or Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
  • 干预技术:心理动力心理治疗
  • 主要研究一 & II
  • 临床实习III & IV
  • 2个感兴趣的选修课


  • 咨询
  • Interprofessional教育
  • 主要研究III
  • 临床实践五、六
  • 兴趣领域选修课
  • 2选修课


  • 实习


兴趣范围- A unique feature of the program is the opportunity for students to develop an area of interest in clinical child and adolescent psychology, health care psychology across the life span or in 患有严重和慢性精神病理的个体 problems. The areas of interest are designed to expose the student to basic issues and methodologies in working with populations that are presently underserved in our society. 所有学生都必须修八门选修课. 这八项中的四项被指定为学生的“兴趣领域”."

卫生科学管理基础证书- Another unique feature of the program is that students may elect to use the remaining elective credit hours to earn a "Certificate in the Foundations of Health Sciences Administration." This coursework enhances the students' understanding of the economic forces in the health care delivery system. By taking graduate credit hours developed in cooperation with the graduate program in health services administration, 学生可以在态度上接受教育和培训, 信仰, and skills that are becoming increasingly important in the changing delivery of health care in the United States.

了解更多有关 项目的兴趣领域.



Xavier is ranked #1 for its excellent academic reputation among top competitors in the region. 学生能从教育中得到最大的收获, 从严格的课堂学习到现实世界的体验式学习.



Students earning their PsyD in Clinical Psychology interact with faculty members who have diverse academic and research interests, 以及专业培训. 教学是本系的首要任务.



Student earning their PsyD in Clinical Psychology at an internship in a medical setting

Clinical practicums during the second through fourth years of the program give students the opportunity to apply skills learned in the classroom to clients at a wide range of community settings under the supervision of a licensed clinical psychologist.




泽维尔大学’s Clinical Psychology Doctoral (PsyD) program recently received a 10-year reaccreditation by the American Psychological Association (APA), 由协会给出的最大长度. 该项目自2001年以来一直得到APA的认可, 参与持续评审和质量改进.



的小组.D. 课程强调心理学科学基础的重要性. It’s designed to prepare students for the general practice of health service; it also provides training in three areas of interest: children and adolescents, 患有严重和慢性精神病理的个体, 以及医疗环境中的保健心理学. 鸟叔的基本哲学.D. program is to educate skilled practioners who have a solid appreciation of the role of science in all aspects of professional activity. The program recognizes a need for the student to achieve a balance between a knowledge of the basic science of psychology and proficiencies.

泽维尔大学 专业科学学院 培养本科生和研究生的智力, 在道德和精神上为职业和专业服务. CPS challenges students to strive for academic excellence and life-long learning through promoting collaboration and community partnerships, 结合研究, 学术与创新.

泽维尔大学是一所位于辛辛那提的私立大学, 俄亥俄州, 提供耶稣会天主教传统的文科教育. Founded in 1831, the University is the sixth-oldest Catholic university in the nation. 在美国中西部地区硕士水平大学中,它被评为前10名.S. 新闻 & 过去二十年的世界报告. 《pp电子》将其评为“美国最佳385所大学”之一."